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What we do

We offer clinical psychology services to individuals from the age of 14, for a full range of mental health problems.


Using our training and experience in evidence-based psychotherapies, we aim to help you develop an understanding of your current and past difficulties, select an approach that feels right to you, and together work on improving your wellbeing, mental health, behaviours, thoughts, emotions and relationships. 


We practice from a clinical approach, which is:

  • evidence based and results driven

  • targeted, problem-focused treatment

  • active and structured interventions

Our psychologists drawn from a range of evidence-based treatments, including:

We also value the importance of a strong therapeutic relationship, as this is the best predictor of improvement in therapy. We will work hard to develop a safe, accepting relationship with you, based on shared goals and expectations.

Our commitment to excellence in therapy

At The Glow Centre, we’re committed to creating and maintaining the optimal conditions for our clients to get the best possible outcomes during therapy. We have a number of processes involved in striving for excellence in clinical outcomes, including:​​

  • Clarifying each client’s goals for therapy and regularly reviewing them to ensure we are focusing on what the client wants to​​

  • Developing a shared understanding of the factors contributing to each client’s current problems and how they developed over time. We call this a “shared formulation”​

  • Helping each client choose a therapy approach that is backed by scientific research, and feels right for the client​

  • Supporting clients to take an active role in their treatment within and between sessions

  • Tracking clients’ progress over time to make sure they are improving

  • ​​Creating a culture of feedback – encouraging clients to share if something is not working for them, if they would like us to do something differently, or if they are not improving as expected

  • ​​Responding to feedback by discussing concerns and options for moving forward

  • ​​Collaborating regularly with important others involved in each client’s life, such as partners, families, carers, other supports, and other professionals

  • ​​Regular peer review and supervision.

Our team have been serving clients from Kenmore and surrounds for an impressive 8 years and counting! At The Glow Centre, we take immense pride in the long-term and stable staff that form the backbone of our practice, ensuring consistent and high-quality care. 

We can assist with

Availability for new clients

Each of our psychologists have different wait times, depending on their caseload and commitments. At times, we receive quite a large number of referrals to our practice and often this can create longer than usual wait times. If we can foresee a wait time to see someone, we may operate a waitlist. 

Persons in crisis or at risk to themselves should present to the Emergency Department of their local hospital or consult their medical practitioner. The Glow Centre does not offer emergency support or crisis counselling.


More information about appointments can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

To enquire about bookings and wait times, contact us by phone or email, or submit a Booking Enquiry

Appointments are offered during business hours. A small amount of late appointments may be available with some of our psychologists, however, may not be available to new clients.

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