Due to a high demand for our services, our practice operates a waitlist system.  If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please complete this form.

If your waitlist submission is for DBT, please complete our DBT submission form HERE

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Information provided must be that of the prospective client

Please note we do not offer crisis care, and do not have capacity to take on urgent referrals.

If you require urgent care, please contact 000 or present to the Emergency Department of your local hospital, or contact your GP for other alternatives.

Please note

Frequently asked quesions about our waitlist

Why can't I get an appointment straight away?

Our clinicians can only take on a certain amount of clients at a time. This is because we want to enable our current clients to get the most out of therapy, and a big part of that is being able to book in enough regular appointments with their therapist in order to meet their goals. Clinician availability is reviewed regularly.

Can I squeeze in just for one appointment?

As much as we would love to book you in to see someone, it is just not good practice to fit someone into an already full caseload as you will not be afforded continuity of care, which is very important in therapy. If you only require one appointment, it may be more helpful to source crisis counselling from one of the services listed here.

Once I am on the waitlist, can you tell me what date a therapist will have appointments available again?

It is difficult for us to provide exact dates. We can provide an estimated time frame based on calendar bookings, however, we are not always able to predict when therapists' calendars will open up again. It depends on when current clients will be discharged. Our clinicans keep a close eye on their caseloads and provide updates when they can, on their upcoming availability.

My doctor advised me that I must come to The Glow Centre

We absolutely love recommendations like this! And we absolutely don't love having to tell you that we can't book you in just now. If your doctor has faxed us a referral, we will write back to them to advise of our waitlist process. Your doctor may be happy for you to wait for therapy with us, or they may decide to refer you to another practice. It is best to keep in contact with your doctor about your decision.

Can I just book in for next available (e.g. 3 months)?

We don't feel it is ethically right to book you in that far in advance. We would prefer you to phone around to see if another practice might be available sooner, as well as waiting on our waitlist. Keep your options open if you can. We don't want you to wait so long if you need help much sooner.

I am a previous client of your practice, do I need to go on the waitlist?

If you are a previous client of our practice, please note this on your waitlist submission. There will still be a wait for an appointment, especially if you will be seeing a new therapist.