Due to a high demand for our services, we are operating a waitlist.

The wait time for general therapy is approximately 1-3 months.

Important notes before completing our booking enquiry form:

  • Therapists at The Glow Centre see clients aged from 12 years and above;

  • Our waitlist is NOT OPEN for the following, as we are at capacity for the foreseeable future:

    • therapy for eating disorders or eating related concerns;

    • DBT program or DBT-informed therapy.

  • After hours and weekend appointments are limited and may not be available for new clients, we recommend your consideration as to whether you can attend appointments during business hours; 

  • We do not offer crisis care, and do not have capacity to take on urgent referrals;

  • If you require urgent care, please contact 000 or present to the Emergency Department of your local hospital, or source crisis counselling by calling 1300 MH CALL;

  • A waitlist submission does not guarantee an appointment at our practice.

Booking enquiry form

Information provided must be that of the prospective client

How did you find out about us?

Please confirm your understanding of the following:

  • The person seeking therapy is not under the age of 12

  • The Glow Centre waitlist is NOT OPEN for:

    • therapy for eating disorders or eating related concerns

    • DBT program or DBT-informed therapy

  • The Glow Centre does not offer crisis care or accept urgent referrals

I understand the above limitations for acceptance of waitlist enquiries

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