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Rosie Whitehead MAPS

Clinical Psychologist
~ Rosie is on maternity leave from April 2024 ~ 

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“Every person on this earth is full of great possibilities that can be realized through imagination, effort, and perseverance.” 

Scott Barry Kaufman

New client status

Books closed. Rosie is on maternity leave. 


Master of Psychology (Clinical) 

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) 

Memberships and affiliations

Member - Australian Psychological Society (APS) 

Problems I can help you with

  • Depression, anxiety

  • Emotional dysregulation and high levels of distress

  • Relationship/interpersonal difficulties - such as difficulties with expressing or communicating emotions and needs, difficulty with conflict resolution, difficulties with maintaining healthy boundaries etc

  • Coping mechanisms and behaviours that are hard to change or resist, but have negative short and long term consequences, such as avoidance, reassurance seeking, people pleasing, anger, emotional suppression, self-soothing behaviours

  • Perfectionism/high standards and related coping mechanisms

How deep my understanding of these issues is

I've been a psychologist for 6 years, including my masters training program, and during this time I have made a conscious effort in undergoing training related to these issues, and gaining experience working specifically with these kinds of issues.

I regularly access supervision from more senior psychologists with experience in these issues to further and deepen my understanding

I keep up-to-date with developments in evidence-based treatment for these kinds of issues, and continue to pursue professional development and further training in these treatments.

How I can help you

I will provide treatment for your issues using a CBT, DBT or Schema Therapy approach.

I will focus on gaining a thorough understanding of not just the current problem, but also the origins of how this problem developed and what keeps it going.

I have a strong focus on using a compassionate and empathetic approach, always striving to understand the function of any problem, whilst also looking for alternative perspectives and more effective behaviours that can help you lead a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

What does your involvement look like?

  • Regular attendance

  • Active participation in between-session reflection and exercises, to reinforce content covered in session

  • Willingness and openness to reflect on the origins of your problems, and consider alternative ways of viewing and managing problems going forward

  • Long term (20+ sessions), if possible, to have the most significant impact

Grainy Surface

About me as a person

I am approachable, caring, conscientious and hard working

I am a good listener

I pride myself on being reliable

I love my puppy, and spending as much time as possible taking her for walks or to the beach


I also value spending time with my husband and friends, and working on various home improvement projects around my house

The Glow Centre Kenmore ROSIE WHITEHEAD
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