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Kaylee Spiller

Registered Psychologist

~ Kaylee is on maternity leave ~

Days of consultation

Kaylee is on maternity leave until further notice


Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours 

Master of Professional Psychology 

Problems I can help you with
  • Depression, anxiety

  • Emotional dysregulation and high levels of distress

  • Relationship/interpersonal difficulties - such as difficulties with expressing or communicating emotions and needs, difficulty with conflict resolution, difficulties with maintaining healthy boundaries etc

  • Coping mechanisms and behaviours that are hard to change or resist, but have negative short and long term consequences, such as avoidance, reassurance seeking, people pleasing, anger, emotional suppression, self-soothing behaviours

  • Perfectionism/high standards and related coping mechanisms

How deep my understanding of these issues is

I am a registered psychologist, which means I have obtained qualifications and training in helping people with mental health problems, stress, and quality of life.

I take time to understand each person's life and circumstances, and provide assistance using the tools and strategies I have learned and developed over my training and 5+ years experience of working as a psychologist.

I am currently furthering my training by undertaking a Master of Clinical Psychology.

I regularly undertake supervision and professional development to keep up-to-date with psychological interventions for mental health problems.

How I can help you

I will take time to listen to your concerns, and explore your history, relationships and interests.

I will provide strategies to help reduce your distress, drawing from CBT, DBT and ACT models.

I will help you navigate difficulties with school, university or work stress.

What does your involvement look like?
  • Regular attendance

  • Willingness to collaborate on solutions

  • Openness to exploring different ways of doing and being, outside of sessions

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About me as a person

I am gentle, kind and conscientious

I love being active, whether it involves CrossFit, hiking, or other adventures

I love spending my time with my little family, including my dog and guinea pigs

I am a board game queen

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